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To create an account, go to http://www.jesdating.com/user/register and fill out all the required fields, including your email address, phone number, name, birthdate, relationship status, etc.  The next step is to press the submit button.  Once this happens, you will be sent a one-time-login-link to your email address.  When you follow the one-time-login-link, it will take you to a page where you can enter a password for your account.  Once this is done, you can then enter in information for your member profile.  Please be sure to include everything on your main account profile page.  Goto Your Profile -> Edit  -> Account to find the page.  Be sure to enter in your Country, Province and City as well as a profile picture.  Without the profile picture, you will not show up in member searches!  This is important if you want to be found!  Once you have completed the page at Your Profile -> Edit -> Account, you can now complete other items in your membership profile.  All other information is optional and can be completed at your own pace and style.  Once you are done with all of the above, you are now ready to use the site, and make friends, and message other members! Enjoy!
Yes.  You can register with your social media account, including accounts from Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  Once you sign up or register with your Social Media account, you will have to complete your Main Account.  This can be found at Your Profile Page -> Edit -> Account, where you enter in your Profile Picture, Country, Province, and City, and other details vital to the functioning of your membership account.  The rest of your profiles including Additional Pictures, My Summary, and Main Profile and Extended Profile are completey optional and can be filled out at your leisure, and to your style. You can also Add A Facebook, Google or Twitter Profile to an existing account, so that you can login with that Social Media Profile instead of entering in your credentials, including username or email and password.  To do this, Goto Your Profile Page -> Social Logins and then you will see options to add a social media profile to your JesDating account.  Once you click on a certain Facebook, Google, or Twitter Icon, you will see the site automatically add the profile to your account.  The details will be listed, once completed on Your Profile Page -> Social Logins.
No.  It is JesDating policy that members be over the age of 18 years.  Our website will not allow you to register if your birthdate makes you under the age of 18.  You must be 18 years old to use JesDating.  It is a violation of our Terms and Conditions to use our Service if you are under 18 years old.
If you forgot your password or username, you can go to the following page, http://www.jesdating.com/user/password , to request a one-time-login-link that will reset your password, and give you access to your username.  You must be able to remember your email address to use this feature.
We have noticed some errors coming from Gmail and Yahoo! mail that say that members have been entering in invalid email addresses into their account.  So please make sure you entered in the absolutely correct email address into your account, to ensure you properly receive vital emails to your account.  If you already registered an account with an email that is not working, just re-register with the correct email address and the problem should be solved.
Currently, if you want to remove your account, you can Cancel Your Account on Your Main Account Profile Page, or within the Mobile App(s).  Please note that there are implications to Cancelling your Account.  Please read Section 4(a) of our Terms of Use. 
The points system at JesDating is a unique system where you can perform certain actions to add points to your balance, or purchase points using our shopping cart system in exchange for the use of Premium Features of JesDating.
There are certain ways you can generate a positive credit to your JesDating Points account  1.  By Inviting your friends to use JesDating, or by accepting an invitation to use JesDating.  Both the inviter and invitee will receive 30 JesDating Points immediately.  2.  By Dotation.  A User can donate his or her points to another user by utilizing the Donate Points link in the main menu.  These transactions are immediate.  3.  By Purchasing JesDating points using our shopping cart.  A Member can purchase points using either PayPal or BitCoin or in the Mobile App using In-App Purchasing.  Paypal transactions deposit points immediately.  BitCoin transactions take 1 - 1.5 hours to complete and points will not be given until there is 6 confirmations of our BitCoin transaction.  And In-App Payments are Generally Immediate.
When your JesDating points balance goes to Zero, your account will be automatically reverted to Free Account Status.  The Premium features will disappear, and the Ads will start showing again.  However, you will still be able to search, send messages and make friends with other members.
This includes No Advertisements, Many More Messages allowed in Your Inbox, You can tell who visited your account profile, See a member's Extended Profile, The more points you have--the higher your search placing goes up in the list for FREE MEMBERS, You get TRUE RANDOM SEARCH of Members, Access to Deluxe Match Results, You can Re-Send Your Friend Requests, and You Get the Added Functionality of Infinate Auto Scroll of Lists of Members and Posts and Matches.  And members with a positive JesDating points balance can also place phone calls with the Click to Call feature.
The Click to Call system at JesDating determines if the member you would like to contact can be contacted, based on his or her settings and then displays a blue 'Click to Call' icon when that member is available for a call.  When you click on the blue 'Click to Call' icon the system will load the call information and you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of a Call.  Then, you will verify the member you want to call, and then click a "Call Now!' button to initate the calls.  The system will attempt to connect you and the recipient of the call on a international private global conference line.  We use technology to try to make international calls as clear as possible, by localizing calls.  I.e. making the call clearer.  Your initiated call will get pre-approved for a certain number of minutes based on your JesDating points balance.  At the end of the call, the actual minutes used will be deducted from your JesDating points balance.  That's basically how the Click to Call feature works.
We Support a Very Large List of Countries.  Chances are, unless you are in Iran, Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela you have a pretty good chance of getting through. 
You must have a positive JesDating points balance to place a call using the Click to Call feature.  Therefore, because Free Members have a Zero or less JesDating points balance, the Click to Call feature will be unavailable for Free Members.  

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