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So, what's this? You have to make a Profile?  Well, once you have a Free Account, your profile is entirely your's to make.  As a courtesy, if you registered with a Social Media Account, including Google, Facebook, or Twitter, JesDating will automatically grab some basic information from your account, and try to fill out your profile as best as possible for you.  However, to really write a Great Profile, you will, naturally want to post some pictures, videos, and complete a summary about yourself, so that other members know a little bit about you!

If you wish, you can certainly leave portions uncompleted, but JesDating members, I am sure, would like to know more about you than just your name!

There are different components to completing your profile.  These would be, Your Main Account, Your Main Profile, Your Extended Profile, My Summary, Additional  Pictures and Video, and Your Mobile SMS Number.  It may take some time to complete, naturally, so you may logout, and then come back to JesDating to complete these components at a later date.  This way, when one views profiles' while searching, there will actually be some information about that member that is compelling, or even attractive.  And that is what we want, after all, right?  To put ourselves out there to find someone great! :)



Images and Video

At JesDating, you may put images, and video on your profile, for others to see.


Summary and Profile

Each member is encouraged to complete a Summary and Profile to let other members know more about who they are.


Feed and Wall

Every member has their own Feed where they can post messages about their daily events and activities.



We really have worked quite hard to make JesDating, and our member's are reporting to us that they love our site!  We suggest you get started today, and register with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account today!  It really is the easiest way to Sign Up.



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