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you should look for

hello all the women out there!

I think you should look for a man that is personally integrated.. as in no psychological issues, and has an understanding of a woman's emotions and how important they are to her. This of course is very important. Also, a man that can take care of her financially is important too. If she has children, this would include them as well. This is a plus point, because the Dollar, or pound, etc. goes farther in foreign countries... it is possible to have a happy relationship that way while living in a foreign country, because one's money suddenly goes 3x or even farther.

Adam (not verified)
Girl need emotional support

Ohh yes.. girls need emotional support for sure.

Rodriguo (not verified)
This site & the discussion

Hello All!

Just wanted to say that I couldn't believe how many beauitful women are on this site, JesDating! Haha! to all you men out there that are just sitting idol and not joining. The pick of the litter goes to me now, of course.

About women, and what they should be looking for. Well, how about a man that just plainly makes you feel special, and takes care of your emotions, and further makes you feel safe? I know these qualities are very hard to find, but I guarantee, a man that is more mature will definitely be more likely to satisfy these conditions that you might so desperately need.
Anyways, my two cents on the matter.

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