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A little bit about our Standard Features -- Private Messages



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Welcome to JesDating!, We are really pleased to have you as a visitor to our site!  We have really worked hard on our Dating site, and Mobile App, and hope it brings you as much joy as we have had developing this wonderful site!  There are many features added into the guts of JesDating, and one of them is our Private Message Functionality.  




Message Your Friends

You may only chat with your Friends on JesDating.  This prevents unwanted advances from people you do Not want to Chat with.

Get SMS, Email or Push Notifications

You can turn on settings inside your Account that allow you to get SMS, Email or Push Notifications when you get a new Private Message

Include Images

You may include Private Images inside your Private Message Thread with Your Friends.




JesDating is at it's heart, a FREE Online Dating site.  This means that once you register, and complete the required parts of your profile, you may then not only browse and search for other members on JesDating, but you may also Private Message them as well.  There are certain limitations to how much data, or, messages that you may store, but other than that messaging is completely free.  

It might be worth mentioning, though, that ALL members are required to 'Become Friends' before they can Private Message each other.  This of course, is to prevent 'spam' messages--it ads a layer of protection to unwanted advances, and we know we don't like those!  Also, you can select in your settings to get SMS, Email or Push Notifications sent to you when you get a new Private Message.  In addition to that, you can also upload up to 10 private images on a Message Thread to share with your Friend.  We just thought you should know that 1. Messaging is free--for all members 2.  There is no money necessary to 'Date' on JesDating and use a Free Membership.

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