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A little bit about our Standard Features -- Social Media Integration



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Welcome to JesDating!, We are really pleased to have you as a visitor to our site!  We have really worked hard on our Dating site, and Mobile App, and hope it brings you as much joy as we have had developing this wonderful site!  There are many features added into the guts of JesDating, and one of them is our Social Media Integration.  




Do Not have to remember Password

By linking with your Preferred Social Media Account, you don't have to make or remember a password for JesDating

Do Not have to verify your email

Additionally, you will not have to verify your email address.  This is already done by your Preferred Social Media Provider.

Populate Your Member Info

Furthermore, we can grab pertinent information from your Preferred Social Media Account, and create a minimal, but complete Profile for you.




JesDating is completely integrated with Google, and Twitter.

So what this means, is that you may have your secure login credentials matched up with your already-established Social Media profiles/accounts to register at JesDating, as well as login on an ongoing basis.

On JesDating's registration and login page, there are icons with the mentioned Social Media sites. Just make sure you are logged into your favorite Social Media account, and then press the corresponding icon on JesDating, and JesDating will do the rest to create your account, grabbing the minimum amount of information needed to create a 'skeleton' account.

From then on, all a member has to do is complete the details on their profile.

Benefits of linking your JesDating account to your favorite Social Media account are that you 1. Don't have to remember a password for every login (or even registration). 2. A new member would not have to verify their email address. 3. Certain pieces of information are automatically filled out on your new JesDating profile. These benefits just make life a little easier for JesDating members.

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