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So we said that you can find some Quality people on JesDating.  Well, we know that when one deals with the public, one gets all kinds.  This kind, and that kind. To the left, and to the right--up and down.  The spectrum goes all over the place.  However, what we meant is that we have two very good things going for our members at JesDating.

Specifically, that is our Advanced Fraud Detection system, and Our Matching Algorithm.  Ultimately, if you know, more or less, that the people you are dealing with on JesDating, have been vetted, and to a certain degree, the members are who they say they are, and certain factors match up and make sense, then you are not going to get horrid situations where someone signed up only to defraud others.  In other words, we are attempting to filter through the people who are 100% about committing fraud on our site.  

Once we get rid of those people, the truly horrid fraudulent people, there still remains the people who don't completely make sense.  For these situations we provide a Security Check panel on each and every profile.  This gives you a few pieces of information that can help guage the risk involved in dealing with these certain individuals.  

So what we are now saying is, it is NOT and will never be 'Open Season' on JesDating.  We have excellent Fraud Filters in place to assist with that.  So in general, we can say our members are for the most part, Good people.

Now moving on, we also have our Matching Algorithm and Matching System.  If a new member was to sign up for JesDating, it would behoove them to pay particular attention to the matches provided in the Match listing.  This is because these matches will be more likely to be on the same page, or same mindset as the member.  We both know, when people are compatible with you, you tend to just 'get along' with them better, i.e. they are more compatible.  Compatible people will enjoy your company, be less annoyed by you, and enjoy speaking with you, and will probably like the same types of things.  So in theory, they will be a pleasure to be around--to you, and you to them.

So this is what we were trying to say.  That our Fraud Detection system filters out the Frauds, and con-artists, and our Matching Algorithm reccomends people to you who will push your relationship in the right direction, and give you a better common ground to work with in a relationship.



Again, this is what we mean, and how we can say that, our Members, are for the most part Good people--Quality.






Fraud Detection System

Our Fraud Detection system attempts to eliminate the outright, 100% Fraud and Con Artists from the JesDating membership directory.

Matching Algorithm

Our Matching Algorithm and Matching System puts together a list of members who are more likely to get along with you, and NOT get annoyed by you, and like a lot of the same things as you.

Therefore, you will find, that the overall experience at JesDating should lend itself towards the direction of having Higher Quality members.



So give us a shot, and take a test-drive for yourself.  Sign Up for JesDating today, and allow us to give you a Free Membership Account, so you too, can find some outstanding People.


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