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Perhaps it is the right time for us to explain a little bit about JesDating, so that you can get a feel for why it might be a good idea to find new friends with us.



At the heart of our Philosophy, we are a group of real people who inherently want to live fruitful lives.

Meeting The Right People

We believe that if we, as humans, meet the right people, who are compatible with us, we can get one step closer to finding harmony in our relationships.

Personal Excellence

It is also just as important for us, as individuals, to be kind, make wise decisions, and be as balanced as possible.


Technology is supposed to assist us with what we are doing--NOT hurt us.



We all could improve our lives.  For some people, that means getting rid of a habit, for others, it means taking action and doing something positive.  However, sometimes we reach a point in our lives, where we want to reach out, and bring a new individual into our life.  JesDating is definitely a place where you can find that new someone, specifically from English speaking Countries.  

There are so many good people throughout the world, and Asia is no different.  Many times, in the strangest of places, far in the country--the mountains or in a remote province--there is that 'gem' in the rough just waiting for us.  JesDating, through the recent invention of the internet, can bring you a listing of people, girls and guys, that you might not have known existed.

At JesDating, we have written our own Matching algorithm, Fraud detection scripts, Click to Call service, and much more.  As a group of people, we have taken an interest, in not specifically making money, but in actually making a day, week, and year out of helping other people find and connect with others in the safest and best way possible.

We sincerely hope that it is really as easy as signing up for our service, and pressing a few buttons, and meeting new people.  Our site has touched the lives of others, even though our site is in its infantcy.  JesDating continues to attract many wonderful people from around the world, and we hope that it will touch your life too.

So, with this in mind, why don't you go ahead and Register @ JesDating today, fill out your profile, and give us some time, and see when someone comes into your life that you approve of.


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