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A little bit about our Standard Features -- Matching Algorithm and System



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Welcome to JesDating!, We are really pleased to have you as a visitor to our site!  We have really worked hard on our Dating site, and Mobile App, and hope it brings you as much joy as we have had developing our service!  There are many features added into the guts of JesDating, and one of them is our Matching Algorithm and System.  





Simply fill out your profile, and use the site.  Our Matching Algorithm does the rest for you.

No Extensive Personality Questionaire

Although a questionaire may provide many axis of information, a member may not have been truthful, or the information is flawed.  Our Algorithm is less painful to use, and has less room for error.

Search through your Matches

With the way we have the Match System setup, you can search through your matches, Friend them, and communicate with them.




JesDating recently completed its Match System Version 2.0 .  This new-and-improved matching algorithm looks at who you are as a person--basically who you say you are.  It also looks at who you like.  With this information in hand, our system calculates who you might be compatible with, and gives you a view of your Matches.  

These matches that you are matched with will be people who have, very broadly, the same personality traits as you.  Therefore, you might even find that you get along with your matches better than other people.  

We also offer a Deluxe Match for Premium JesDating members, and this specific, more in-depth match also implements a 'future-looking' factor.  In other words, you will find that Deluxe match, matches people who have the same traits as you, plus you will find that you both are going in the same direction together.  Therefore, you will find it a lot easier to grow with them.

We really enjoyed putting together this matching algorithm for you, and we hope that you will find it useful, if not Great!

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