Dating Safety

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Dating Safety 

These are some good tips that we have gathered, and we would like to share them with you!  Remember, that you are trying to prevent robbery of some of the most important things that individuals find in our communities today.  These include, your government paperwork identification numbers, and included details, of course, your banking information, such as any and all account numbers, answers to secret questions, and even simple things such as the whereabouts as to where you have an account, or what branch, or institution.  Typically, and sadly, information about you, your family, and vital statistics are very valuable to thieves and con-artists and down right criminals who profit off of you following established rules in the world.

We would like to share with you, some useful tips, to be used on JesDating.  Be sure to notice the Security Check Panel on every Member's profile.  To date, it discloses three very important details about the member that you want to interact with.  Maybe you think he or she is beautiful, or maybe you feel attracted to them.  However, we urge you to look at the Security Panel.  Do you see 'Green Check Marks'?.  Or are you seeing a Bunch of RED "X" 's ?  Pay particular attention to these very simple tools at your disposal.  

In short, if the member does not display four (4) green check marks, on their Security Panel, then you should be very cautious, and we mean quite cautious about this member.  --Something is amiss here.


If you see anything but Green Checkmarks on a Profile "Security Check", 

...follow this advice :

...Even then, commit the following to your memory :

A) Do your research --

You can start out by doing a public search of your potential date, in court records, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and of course a preliminary background check.

B) Use a Google Voice Number at All Times --

Issue yourself a Ephemeral U.S. Google Voice Telephone and SMS Number.  All of your messages will be saved forever, including all your call logs, and you can screen your calls, and eventually toss the number, if you decide.

C) Video Chat your Date Before Meeting --

You want to see who you are potentially going down a road to Marriage with?  Do they have Tatoos all over their face?  A Swastika?  --Tear Marks under their eye?

D) Click To Call Them Before you Date --

Use the anonymous JesDating Click to Call Service.  Turn it "On" or "Off", Set boundaries for Appropriate Times for Phone Calls.  "Remove Friendship" if things get out of hand.

E) Drive Yourself or Take Public Transportation --

On your reconnosaiance mission to meet your date, Take sure transportation where you are the one with the "keys".

F) Meet in a Public Place --


G) Tell Someone Else Where you are Going --

Tell your best Friend or Room Mate where you are going.  Leave a trail.

H) Save Your Personal Information, and Let it out very slowly --

The Author has personal experience with this.  Many people hand out bogus information all the time.  Eventually, you will get caught.  Just think of protecting your Personal Governmental Identifiable Information, including Banking Information, and Familial Information.  Perhaps Set a Rule, not to give out the answers to a SSA form to get a Social Security Card.  This includes, where you were born, your mother's maiden name, and move quickly --change the subject surrounding answering questions for information found on a birth certificate.  *****Absolutely DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ADDRESS UNTIL YOU ARE READY.  In the beginning use nick names, fake birthdays, pick a close-by , but far away dentist office locale as your DISCLOSED street/neighborhood--Make sure it is like at least 8 big blocks away.  Hide your phone--don't take it out--turn the ringer off.  --You are on a reconnosiance mission.  Ask yourself some very basic things you want to know/determine from this suitor.  Set up / invent your own ground rules.  Adhere to them.

I) Carry Pepper Spray --

Don't just get the little bottle.  My advice, is get a bottle that can take out 20 attackers.  Of course, it is a little bigger, but, especially for women, you can just throw it in a bigger purse.  If someone fvcks with you severly, press the trigger button, and dowse the attacker's head, eyes, nose, and mouth.  Aim for the nose. CONTINUOUSLY SPRAY UNTIL YOU SUBDUE. EMPTY THE WHOLE BOTTLE IF NECESSARY. BRING THE BOTTLE WITH YOU--IF YOU CAN RUN--RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! GET TO A NEW AREA QUICKLY.

J) Stay Sober --

Considering all this.  Do you want to end up like Hannibal Lector's Victims?  Are you prepared to eat your own brains?