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Welcome to JesDating!, We are really pleased to have you as a visitor to our site!  We have really worked hard on our Dating site, and Mobile App, and hope it brings you as much joy as we have had developing this wonderful site!  There are many features added into the guts of JesDating, and one of them is our Click to Call Functionality.  




Voice Calls To Your Friends

You may call your Friends using our click to call feature.  Rest assured, only your friends will have the option to call you.

Choose When People Can Call You

You Choose and Set the Times and Days of the Week when your Friends Can call you.

Pay for Calls With JesDating Points

Once a member, you can, inside of JesDating purchase points to use towards International Click to Call services.




JesDating has a Click-to-Call feature.  What is a Click to Call Feature?  Well, this means that by becoming a Premium Member, you can place international private calls to other members anonymously (which means without divulging your personal contact information).  These calls are very clear, even crystal-clear compared to what you might be used to with International Calls.  

So how this works then, is by charging up your JesDating account, you may then, if the conditions are right, make a call with a click!

There is a Click the Call button on member search and profile pages to anonymously call a member.  What we mean by 'if the conditions are right', is 1.  If both you and the member have confirmed mobile phone numbers. 2. The 'call window' for the member is such that they are accepting calls at that particular hour of the day/evening and 3.  If there are enough funds in your account to initiate the call.

If any of these 'conditions' are not met, the member will resultingly not be available to call, of course.  

We thought it might be cool, if there was an option to place a call to another member through JesDating, so we scripted the process out, and made it a reality.

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