So today, we are talking about being really, really nice, or kind to people in your life.

So many times, there are people who are paranoid, rude, anti-social, people who love dogs more than human beings, and selfish people.  These people, and we mean anyone who is just really mean, a bitch, an ass hole, or whatever, are sometimes seemingly everywhere.  But, the thing is to be truly great people--to be truly great human beings ourselves, we must be kind, and further, we must have a philosophy to kill people with kindness.

You see, for starters, you never know what other people can actually do to you!  People can hurt you physically, hurt your reputation, steal from you, or do any and all manner of bad things to you.  If you are anything but kind, it will encourage bad people to be even more evil towards you.  So in your own interests, to keep yourself safe, and secure, and your family members safe and secure, you must be kind to people.

This means making any and all attempts to have social graces, the little nice things that respectful people, tactful and diplomatic people carry out.  This is a must out there in the world, a world today where people are doing crazy things to people for nothing more than disagreeing with what they believe in.  But, if you are a really kind and respectful person, it will jolt the mind of these seeming crazies, and help them realize that you are Not a Threat, and further, that you might, be someone who will help them, and take their side of any story they might have running through their heads.

So let us recap this.  Be kind.  And if for no other reason, it makes perfect street smarts to be as respectful and kind as possible, to make sure you get to the other end of the block, or wherever you might be going on your own journey.

But what about generating opportunity for yourself?  Don't you know that if you project this kind attitude out there in the world, that the other kind and respectful people out there in the world will see you, and want to know you more.  Or, they will want to repay you for being kind.   In other words, you can make better friends, and better contacts, and actually get rewarded for being kind and respectful.

It can actually help you out in business too.  People will be more willing to invest in a business proposition with you, or consider you for a business proposition, or be willing to hire you for the job, or give you the chance to do even greater things.  Don't you realize that our parents taught us to be respectful to people, to be nice to people, because it would actually help us?  Our parents for the most part wanted good things for us--our children.  I am sure that there were people, whether your parents, or not, that taught us, directly, or indirectly to be nice and respectful to people, because it would bring dividends, and good things back to us.

So let's keep it simple.  For your own safety, and for your own benefit, be kind and respectful to people.  It makes good sense, and it is really good advice to be nice.

So think of that the next time you want to act out, be rude, or say something discriminating about your fellow human beings.  Just remember people--be nice! Such a simple lesson, but so, so valuable.