So what is this all about?  Why don't we care if you can pickup girls? Or approach any girl? Or, if you consider yourself a Playboy, or Ladies Man.

Well, it comes back to purpose.  Do you know your modus opperandi? Do you know the reason why you do what you do?  Or are you a hungry animal, or angry hornet, like Plato and Socrates were talking about in their age-old philosophy?  See, we need to know what it is that we want in the first place before we start going after this girl, or that girl.  Are you going to hop on, register as a member, and just piss a lot of girls off?  

There is so much to life, there is so much to who you really are, and really--you are one of the only one's that can really tell you what it is that you want out of your own life.  That girl that you want doesn't care too much about your insecurities, and she really doesn't care about your interests in her body parts.  What a girl wants is a man with a plan, a Man who knows what it is that he wants.  Because really, a girl doesn't want to, and most people out there don't want to have their time wasted.  Not one second.  We are all better of pursuing our own interests, our own goals, and our own desires and excercising our own free will in such a way that brings us pleasure.

And if a certain guy doesn't know what he wants, then he is going to flip flop all over the place, all over a girl, probably just use her money up, use her time up, and give her an overall bad experience that she will remember for a certain amount of time, if not her whole life.

Do you want to be a guy that gives girls bad experiences? Are you a black-hole personality? Do you just suck people in, and eat them up, and spit them out some place in another dimension?

This is why it is important to know, that being a Ladies Man, a Playboy, being a guy who can approach or pick-up, is not a plan in and of itself.  This is why girls like older men--Because they know more about who they are inside, they know what they want.  Older men are more mature in their approach, and won't hurt women to get in their pants.  Older men, know what they do for a living, where they stand in life, and also what they want out of the rest of their life.  This could be any man at any age, but what we need in the world are more men that know if they want children, if they want to get married, if they want a family, if they just want sex.

It matters what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when you're going to do it.  Life matters--everything you do and want matters. 

So the message today in this blog post is.  Men--get your life together, get your attitude adjusted, and become a productive part of this world, because most people don't have any room for someone who is a flip-flopper, a lazy breeze, or a torrent of wind that has no direction.  Be purposeful, be reasonable, and don't beat around the bush.  Its time for us Men to get to really know ourselves.  Today is the day.