We're making progress with our advertising campaign! We have been growing our member base, and soon there will be even more members to make friends with, communicate with, and hopefully, you'll find someone compatible that you can talk to, chat with, and even make a relationship with. It is going to take time to truly grow into something great, but with your help of spreading the word, and even profiting off of our growth by using our referral feature, you can, in a sense help yourself find someone cool to potentially kick-it-with.. someone maybe compatible... And as a free dating site, you really won't have to pay for access... only if you want to use the click-to-call feature or chat with another member... but you can send messages, of course--free of charge.
So we would like to ask that if you know someone who might like JesDating... tell them about it.. actually refer them within your account, and get JesDating points... Well... its all good... and we thank you for your continued support.. and we hope you find someone special!