These things that we are about to talk about, are things, that Men think are their greatest asset, their mojo, their juice and essense that makes them a Ladies Man.  But really, they are more or less sins, and negative things that probably turn off the good women that might actually make these Men feel really good, and these things also prevent a man from being in a good position with a Woman.  I.e. these might just be the things that separate men from Women of quality, the Women who are wholesome. And they are 1. Drinking too much Alchohol, 2. Pick up lines, 3. Good Looks, 4. Bad Girlfriends, 5. Easy Women, and 6. Your Buddies.

1. Alchohol -- To tell you the truth, getting sloppy drunk is so disgusting, and while it may be a certain drug that is a 'mood enhancer', and 'courage giver', it can lead to addiction and serious health consequences over time.  Plus, for the people who have things 'figured out' in life, many of them have become 100% sober, and prefer a clean and clear mind, and absolutely abhor 'getting drunk'.  In all reality, it will be good sign, the day when you can give up alchohol, and prefer, rather to improve your mind, and your overall health.  Plus, once you get away from the crowd that gets drunk all the time, you'll find you have more money, more success, less problems, better friends, and BETTER WOMEN.

2. Pick up lines -- Really? Most Women think that stupid pick up lines are just so childish and lame.  They will laugh you off as a having low mental capabilities, and as a completely immature specimen.  Well, there might be a girl that likes pick up lines, and she is probably thinking how easy you are, and how she can play you, or she is an 'immature specimen' herself.  You will find that if you get away from Canned Responses, and Pick Up lines, you will surround yourself with better quality women, and overall you will start to be happier, more successful, and force yourself to be more mature.

3. Good Looks -- Some men, who are so handsome, rest on this laurel to their detriment.  Your personality and your mind count so much to a woman.  Just because you are handsome doesn't mean that you are 'automatically' going to get any girl you like.  Women are very emotionally intelligent creatures, maturing much earlier, quicker, and usually going much father in emotional development than a Man of the same age.  Think about it.  You may be the next Brad Pitt, but if you are emotionally immature, and mentally undeveloped, you are going to end up turning off the woman of your dreams really quickly.

4. Bad Girlfriends -- Some guys, get with a Woman who is just so bad for them.  This is a result of picking a immature woman, it also has to do with a lady not turning her boyfriend on physically, or a woman with bad habits, or who is completely selfish or has other negative qualities.  The sad thing is, a guy thinks he can't do any better, so he stays with a woman who brings him down!  He ends up having low self-esteem, and well, feels like life is purgatory, and there is no way out of this state of damnation.  Wake up! Its better to be single than to be unhappy and severely limited in all ways by staying with a bad or selfish woman! Take care of yourself, first and foremost!

5. Easy Women -- As we've been saying, a low-quality woman, even the ones who just wants sex, are really not the quality of individual that will, in the end make you feel complete, and satisfied.  There is so, so much more than sex, and a quick sexual encounter.  If you bottom-feed off of the pool of women, you will have really, really bad relationships, perhaps pick up a Sexually Transmitted Disease, and waste good years of your life.

6. Your Buddies --  If you think your Bar Friends are going to bring you good luck, just remember the saying, ' Misery loves company'.  Relying on your friends is going to cost you in the long run, because ultimately this life, and in your pursuit of finding the best woman as possible--i.e. your Dream Girl-- is all between you, and that girl.  What are you going to do? Have your friend sleep in your wife's bed?  Are you going to make your own decisions? -- Or are you going to do whatever your friends tell you?  Do your friends encourage you to do unhealthy things, as well?  Are these friends really a good influence on you being of sound mind, and a healthy body?  -- Think about it.

So, this is a little installment in our Men's Dating Blog, that shows how some things that you might actually think are your greatest asset, are actually your worst nightmare.  We all need a little nudge in the right direction, and we need to know that what we think is the truth, is actually tested and true--the real truth.  Are you really happy inside?  Are you really doing things to improve your life each and every single day?  Are you avoiding repeating your past mistakes.  Can you be someone who learns, and then becomes a better person?  These types of traits of being a self-assured, and responsible self-learner is very attractive to all human beings, especially a potential mate you might have your eyes on.