This is a good day for everyone!  JesDating is now Secure using Secure Sockets Layer or a Signed Secure SSL Certificate!  This means that your dating adventures and dating activity on JesDating will be conspicuous and completely private.  Recently, other social media sites have following Google, and Apple's call to make all communication more secure from 2013's Edward Snowdens release of classified government snooping programs.  Facebook recently went Secure with SSL certs, forcing https:// traffic.  This is obviously, the future, as the government still operates their programs, and is actively snooping the internet.

So, JesDating Engineering spent quite some time, getting all systems up and going with a Secure SSL connection.  We even enabled HSTS to make sure that your sessions can not be hijacked, that would otherwise make JesDating susceptible to having an unauthorized person use your session key to access your account without a password.  It really was quite a project, but we ironed out all details, and now everything is secure.  Its amazing we were able to do what we did, in the time-frame we had, as it took Facebook 3 years to implement their SSL changes, with all their staff.

So, enjoy the peace of mind of Secure Communications on JesDating!

--Jes Dating Engineering Team