Hello Again!

JesDating is just completing its first week of live status!  In the first week alone, we have over 500 registered members!  This is just great!  We have some great women on the site, that have completed their profiles, and now it is time for all the men in the world to step up to the plate, and communicate with them!  We are now starting production on a Mobile App for JesDating and currently we have no release date for it, other than to tell you that it is being worked on at this time.  If you are thinking of joining JesDating.com, please complete your Account Page, i.e. Your Profile Page -> Edit -> Account.  This will get you listed inside our member listings, and you will get the most attention this way.  Profiles without Profile Pictures, are not listed in our Search pages, so it is really important that you do so.

Our team is very enthusiastic about what is going on here at JesDating, and we want to welcome you to our site, and encourage you to join our family of members from around the world.  Everything is going to plan, and we want to thank you, our valued member for this!


Take care and happy hunting!