We finally have semi-polished mobile apps for both the Android and iOS operating systems.  We are slowly building out the functionality of the Mobile Apps to match that of the Web Console.  The whole process is almost complete!

We really had quite the quest shooting out to build both Android and iOS mobile apps.  We built everything from scratch, and really developed a cool little set of code that has become the JesDating Mobile App(s).  We look forward to implementing Video Chat as the technology becomes generally available into the future.  We recently were working with the technology and right now it is not complete or 'there yet', so we have put off our goal of implementing Video Chat into the future.

It really is quite a proud moment to announce that we have both the Android and iOS apps for your enjoyment.  Please download the software package from Google Play or Apple's App Store and start exploring the app and its corresponding member base today!  We are sure that you will be pleased, as we have many handsome and beautiful members!