So today, I thought it would be nice to focus on being successful in what it is that you truly want to do.  So many people are stuck in a grind, that leads to the infamous road to nowhere.  So many people suffer, and are miserable, or just don't know how to after what it is that they truly want.  Or, so many people don't even KNOW What they want.  

So lets step back a little here.  Do you know what it is that you want?  And further, are you willing to go after what you want?  Can you afford to go after what you want?  Do you have ths skills to do what you want?  

Well, to help out with the answers to these questions, it might help a little bit to understand four of the things that highly successful people do on a regular basis to Be who they want to be.  Note that it is helpful to understand the process, and what you would be doing every day to get to that place that so many people talk about, that so many people want.

They are Do Your Skill More Than anyone else, Know the players, and people that can help you get what you want, Have loads and loads of ambition, and Utilize Visualization techniques to brainstorm and dream what it feels like to have what you want.

Do Your Skill More Than Anyone Else -- Everyone knows practice makes perfect.  But how much, you may ask?  Try at least 7,000 - 10,000 hours to start to begin to become skillful in your area of expertise.  The reason that many people become successful is that their skillset becomes second-nature.  It is as simple sometimes, as walking down the street--You just do it.  You don't actually think about walking down the street anymore like you did when you were learning to walk.  Make sure in your formula for becoming the person, or the Title of the person that you want to become in life, you have set aside plenty of hours of time to deveop that skillset.  

Social Support--Know the people who can help you --  So, to complete your formula for becoming successful, you will need to develop a social circle where you can draw on the support of having another human being in your corner.  It helps so, so much.  Because they can vote for you, advocate for you, and give witness to your skills and abilities.  On the same token, you might want to cut out anyone who can't help you with such feats, or the people who are negative detractors to giving you the support that you need.  However, if you are going to go after the things that you would like, you will need some social allies and friends and even family to lend the positive outside perspective to your projects and feats.  

Loads and Loads of Ambition -- You need to be someone who shoots for the stars, and has to settle for the sky.  Inside of yourself, you need to be someone who pushes the comfort zones that you have established.  Every day, think how you can do whatever it is, even if it is a relatively new experience to you, that will assist you and be your next step.  Because certain energies, and certain things will seem foreign, and uncomfortable at first.  It will be the ambition that pushes you through these uncomfortable feelings, and transforms what is uncomfortable into something so soothing, and pleasurable, and when this happens, this means that you have commanded your place where you want to be.  It is ambition, and the ability to push yourself out of your comfort zone that you will need to enter into a new area of life, and society and culture.  And it will be your ambition that establishes you as a player in your desired social circle and community.

Visualization and Meditation --  This is where you love yourself.  It is love because, you will take the time to contemplate, and meditate, and visualize what it is that actually needs to be done, what needs to be said, and how it will turn out.  Its the process that is sort of child-like.  It is a process that you see children doing when they are just little babies.  They take dolls, and blocks, and tinker-toys and 'play' with them, and pretend, and explore, and they are visualizing that it is real.  So really, a certain component of this visualization process will get you back in touch with your inner child, where you can create in total peace and freedom and harmony.  You need to see how things can play out, by playing with all these scenarios in your mental and visualization space.

The reason we brought up these tips is that as a man, or even as any human being, you will need to be a leader, the man-with-the-plan, if you want to assume your role as the male in a female's life, or as the head of a family, or as the head of a group, or as the head of a company.  Men take their natural role, as the 'head' of something--big or small.  But if you want to feel validated, and content as a man, you will need a process for success and that process includes these very four skills.  The true formula may add to these processes or skills, but these four things will be your bread and butter to your pathway of success and becoming a successful and fruitful Man.