There is one thing that will make your girlfriend, or a potential girlfriend, really excited, and turned-on.  This is honesty.  Women are usually very emotionally intelligent, on average, reaching maturity years before males of the same age.  So, it seems natural, that displays of honesty, and being honest would be valued by any potential girlfriend, you might have your sights on.  This includes, stating how you feel about yourself, about your work, about your life, and about her.  Being honest about your feelings--feelings that come from your heart--will give her insight into what makes your heart beat, what makes you tick, and at the same time, it paints the ever-important emotional picture for your most emotionally receptive girlfriend.  

Any honest statement lets your girlfriend know about you, in elaborate detail.  This could even be seemingly 'inappropriate' things, such as sexual thoughts or fantasies.  Almost anything honest is fair game.  You see, this is all about, what they call, 'being real', and verbally publishing your inner world in such a way so that your female couterpart, gets to know you.

This even rings true for long-standing relationships.  Honesty keeps the reltaionship on somewhat sacred grounds, giving that super-closeness that marriage, or deep relationships need to endure through time.  So, remember, my fellow men.  You need to utilize honesty to your benefit, and not be afraid to 'let it all out', and take the time to be, 'yourself'.  Truth is an aphrodesiac to women.  Don't be afraid to let your perfect woman know more about you by being, 'truthful'.