So, I wanted to just drop this to all you Men out there.  I think you might have forgot something.  And that is that you need to make the women you are courting one of your best friends before you could ever know if you like them, or if you wanted to take your relationship farther and further than just chat mates on JesDating.  

What am I saying? Well, forget one-liners, forget pick up lines, or sexual invitations as your first sentence with a lady.  So I guess, you need to read all our blog posts, and first learn to be mature when you are speaking with a new lady.  But, once you have gone past all your maturity issues, and know how to be tactful and diplomatic, and normal, you will immediately learn that really all you want, really all you need, is a friend.

Why not start out just pretending like you are the best of friends?  Or, why don't you just talk to a lady like you are already friends?  I mean, really care about how their day was, what they are up to.  You DO NEED to know these things, and I am going to hammer this home in the Men's Dating Blog, that you need to be mature, and NOT duplicit and antagonizing and slimy, and stop constantly thinking on how to get into a lady's pants.  That should come later, if she is the lady for you, if she is a nice lady, if she meets your standards as a human being that you might want to know better.

But ultimately, if you can get sex out of your mind, and start thinking with your big head, instead of your small one, you might just have a shot at getting to know this potential lady.  And to do that you need to first develop a friendship.  So ask her how she is doing, what she has been up to, what she's doing with the rest of her day.  You want to know if this lady is a good lady, right?  Or is she going to con you out of all your money?  Is she a gold-digger?  You see why getting to know a lady is more for you than her, really.  It has nothing to do with sex, at first.  Sex is last, not first.  Learn that.  Understand that.

So for the sake of all the ladies on JesDating, why don't you try to develop a friendship first.  Then once you have finally talked to the lady, talk to her again, and then call her.  The two of you should feel like you are the best of friends, long lost friends, best friends for a long time.  Develop that first.  Have that in mind to do first.  Then, you can move on to meeting her, hanging out with her, and then giving her a kiss a lot later on.  If you Men out there can develop a friendship, then it will naturally develop into something further.  Something exciting and great.

However, you must develop a friendship.  And this is the #1 best way to succeed with dating on JesDating, if not any other Dating site that you might sign up for.

Remember that, for the sake of having a good time in life, in a relationship, wherever you might be.  Be kind, be a lady's friend and then you might make an impact on her heart, and mind and soul. We want to be a positive influence on everyone we meet as Men, so put your best foot forward, and remember, you must #1--be friends.