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Ohhh yes, this is where JesDating gets good.  Searching and Communicating with our member base is what you will really enjoy.  Although we are still in our site's infantcy, we do have thousands of members to Search and Communicate with.  This would naturally be done after you are done completing your own Extensive Profile.  

At JesDating, you can only communicate with your Friends.  So first, you will need to go through and request to be Friends with certain people in the Member Base.  Once, this is done, you can Private Message, and Call other members!  We are planning to have our own Video Chat functionality, but currently it is under development!  So check back with us on that in the future.

We have been actively advertising with compelling ads to get new members to join.  New members are added every day!  So, once you find someone of interest to you, The process is all very simple, i.e. making Friends, and Messaging, etc., but again things do take time in the real world, so be patient.

You could even ask questions in our Forum, or seek out assistance from one of many dating coaches from around the world!  The rest is up to you, my friend.  Friend away, Message away, and Communicate and be Happy!



Make Friends

To prevent unwanted advances, we require that you make Mutual Friends with other members on the site before communicating.


Private Message

Free Members can Private Message with one another absolutely Free!.


Click to Call

Using our Click to Call feature is only available to member's with a positive JesDating points balance.  Get points by referring your friends and family, or purchasing points.



We really have worked quite hard to make JesDating, and our member's are reporting to us that they love our site!  We suggest you get started today, and register with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account today!  It really is the easiest way to Sign Up.



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