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Making Sure Your Conversations are Relevant

by Dhanpal / 04 Oct, 2016

Some men have been complaining that they speak with girls, however, the girls then ignore them, and blow-them-off.  This is why I would like to discuss a little bit about why you should be making your conversations relevant to the situation.

Building Trust in Male - Female Relationships

by Dhanpal / 04 Oct, 2016

One of the most important things to 'develop' when going to speak to, or approach a girl, is trust.  Typically, a girl will NOT want to talk to you, accept drinks from you, or get any more intimate with you, unless you first establish trust with her.

Being honest with women -- even if its inappropriate

by Dhanpal / 04 Oct, 2016

There is one thing that will make your girlfriend, or a potential girlfriend, really excited, and turned-on.  This is honesty.  Women are usually very emotionally intelligent, on average, reaching maturity years before males of the same age.